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Speed Learning

Your life and career will improve if you are able to learn faster and retain much more without constant revision.

Research has shown than the key to optimal learning, retention and focus is your state of mind before, during and immediately after your learning session. The greatest memory improvement, together with increased concentration and creativity, is achieved when you are in a state of 'relaxed alertness'.

Meditation helps you to obtain a 'relaxed alertness' by inducing the brainwave patterns necessary to guide you towards this state. It allows mental activity to slow naturally, whilst your alertness is maintained and indeed enhanced. Consequently, you immediately begin to:

  • improve memory and your retention of study material
  • enhance your understanding during learning sessions
  • accelerate new language learning
  • increase mathematical ability

How does meditation work for speed learning?

Speed Learning

The ultimate state for learning and studying has been researched extensively and findings indicate that deeper levels of brain activity lead to speed learning.

These deeper levels are reached at the alpha and theta brainwave patterns, which are characterised by feelings of calm and a 'relaxed alertness'. The greatest feats of super memory, along with heightened powers of concentration and creativity, are achieved when the brain is in the
alpha and theta state.

Meditation machines will help to lead you into this desired state of relaxed alertness in order to reach peak levels of information absorbtion.

There are three ways you can use a Meditation Machine for speed learning and you might need to experiment a little to find which method or combination of methods works best for you.

First, you can use your Meditation Machine immediately before a study period. This would normally be a short session to bring you into a relaxed and focused state of mind and to get you into the right mood for learning.

Secondly, you can use your Meditation Machine during your study period (with your eyes open when using the MindSpa) to keep you in the optimal mind state for the assimilation, absorption and retention of information.

Finally, a quick post-study, deep-relaxation session with your Meditation Machine will help you to integrate the newly learned material and move it to your long-term memory.

Proof that Meditation Machines work for speed learning

Speed Learning

We are delighted to say that we have had excellent feedback from people who have used our Meditation Machines to help with speed learning.

"I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material I had to study and came across your website by chance. I thought I'd try one of your machines as I had nothing to lose.

I am amazed at how much it has helped me. It is one of the greatest tools I have come across to enable me to cover more ground and do it faster. It has helped me to use my time wisely – opening more time for my family."

----- Zahir Jakhan – Manchester, UK

"I just wanted to thank you for my Meditation Machine. It has transformed my studying. The level of recall I'm experiencing is incredible. Every student should have one."

----- Shelly Rubin – Newcastle, UK

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Which machine is best for speed learning?


The particular Meditation Machine that is very effective for people who are studying is the MindSpa. The reason is that it's the only Meditation Machine which allows you to use the glasses with your eyes open - while reading for example. This is particularly useful if you are studying new material as there is research to show that we assimilate and retain information more effectively when our brain is operating in the relaxed mode known as the 'alpha' state.

"I've always found studying hard especially when the subject was one I found really boring. My parents bought me a MindSpa from you, and it's one of the best presents I've ever got.
When I use it, I find I can concentrate and focus on even the most boring subjects. It's made studying much easier and my memory has improved no end.
I've just taken an exam and I couldn't believe how much I was able to remember. I passed with flying colours."

----- Jeremy Erdington – Birmingham University

The MindSpa also contains programmes which are designed to improve memory and enhance focus and concentration. Of course, like all our Meditation Machines, the MindSpa includes excellent programmes for guiding you into deeply relaxed, meditative states of mind and body.

You can learn more about the MindSpa system by clicking here.

The InnerPulse and InnerPulse Deluxe systems are also good for speed learning. They contain several programmes specifically designed for Learning, including a Quick Pre-Study programme and a Quick Post-Study program.

Both the Procyon and the Proteus include 'accelerated learning'sessions and make use of colour to help shift you into deep levels of relaxation.

The Sirius contains a powerful 'Learning'programme and a very useful 'Concentration'session.

If you have any questions at all then please do contact us. We'll be happy to advise you without any obligation for you to buy.

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“I'm a mature student and was worried about going back to studying. My MindSpa has been a real help to me.”

Julie Bennett, Norwich, UK

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