Conquer stress, anxiety, fears and emotional distress.

'Stress Free In Seconds' eBook and Tutorial Video Download : Price : £14.99

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"When I first read about TFT, I had no idea of the positive effect it was going to have on my life.
I have been practicing TFT now for several years and I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it has upon people to change their lives for the better"
----- Paul McKenna


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a revolutionary system you can use to overcome emotional distress such as: anxiety, stress, compulsions and fears.

Thought Field TherapyTFT is based on the established principles of both modern clinical psychology and ancient Chinese medicine.

It's a drug-free method of literally tapping into your body's energy and clearing blockages - without using acupuncture needles, medication, or any other invasive technique.

TFT can provide emotional relief and renewal quickly and safely. There are no side effects and once shown the method, you can use it whenever and wherever you like to produce positive effects.

'Stress Free In Seconds'

"TFT is one of the most revolutionary and helpful therapy procedures I have ever come across."
----- Dr. Martin Swartz - Research Associate Professor, New York University Medical School

'Stress Free In Seconds' is a step-by-step guide that explains the TFT system so that you can use it yourself and discover how it can change your life for the better.

In addition to the clear text and diagrams, you can also download a tutorial video.

The video shows you exactly how to apply the technique so that you can tap away your stress in just a couple of minutes.

It's a powerful combination. The book familiarizes you with the sequence. And then you can easily follow along when you watch the video.

Weather Emotional Storms

"Put away your skepticism, this really works.
I have had great results from tapping in my own life. "
----- Dr. Wayne Dyer - Best selling author of 'The Power of Intention'


Sooner or later we all find ourselves in emotional emergencies. These emergencies come in many forms.
Here are some you’re probably familiar with:

  • Conflicts at work
  • Arguments with loved ones
  • Being stuck in traffic.
  • Being late for an important meeting
  • Disapproval from others.
  • Being undermined at home or at work
  • Late for a medical appointment
  • Breakup of a relationship

TFT has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome these issues.

Now you can learn to harness its powerful healing power using energy points in your body to conquer emotional distress.

"I have seen miracles using TFT techniques.
Isn't it time we settled for nothing less than miracles ?"
----- Jack Canfield - Editor of the 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' series.


'Stress Free In Seconds' eBook and Tutorial Video Download : Price : £14.99

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“I've followed the 'Concentrate Your Mind' course and the results have been so profound that I feel like a new person.”

David Bolton, IT Director, Leeds

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