"Have You Noticed How Some People Seem To Get Whatever They Want ? "

.Clive Cable... asks Clive Cable, author of "Influential Intelligence" and international expert in the fields of persuasion, negotiation and compliance.

How would you like to change people's beliefs and behaviour so they say "Yes!" to your requests and proposals ?

How would you like to convince and motivate others in an ethical way to do as you'd like them to do ?

PersuasionHow would you like to win the admiration, trust and confidence of people so that they follow your lead ?

If you want to accomplish any or all the above, then the "Influential Intelligence" course is for you.


The Power Of Persuasion

The power to persuade and influence people is perhaps the most important source of advantage at home and at work.

InfluenceIt can be the critical factor that distinguishes the successful from the rest.

We all know people who are incredibly persuasive. Whatever the situation, somehow they always seem to get people to agree with them, go along with their ideas and do what they want them to do.

And here's the good news; the skills of persuading and influencing can be learned and mastered by anybody - and that includes you !

Influential Intelligence

Influential Integrity is a 12 week course on influencing and persuading with integrity.

The Influential Intelligence Course will give you the keys to successfully increase your influence at work, at home and in social interactions.

You'll discover

  • The triggers and language patterns that that gain people's acceptance and win their 'buy-in' to your ideas, suggestions and recommendations.
  • How to engage with others so they trust you and believe in your credibility.
  • Ways of thinking, speaking, writing and behaving that will ensure that others regard you as knowledgeable, convincing, sincere and likeable.
  • How to develop stronger and more trusting relationships
  • The tools and techniques of inspiring others to follow your lead
  • How to become a more influential communicator

In Person And In Writing

These days, it's important not only to be able to influence people in person, face-to-face, but we also need the skills to persuade people in writing.

Christine MillerIn developing 'Influential Intelligence', Clive teamed up with Master Copywriter Christine Marlow to ensure that the course covers how your choice of language can influence your reader.

Whether you're composing a proposal, a report, a presentation, a blog or an email, the Influential Intelligence Course will demonstrate how to write to persuade colleagues, friends, family, staff, board directors and customers.

The course gives you clear examples of the "dos and don'ts" of successful writing and essential tips that are proven to make your writing more effective.

You'll discover how to write for different audiences using style, structure and the psychology of language to your advantage.

Christine also uses her experience in advertising to show you the secrets used by the world's best copywriters so that you can use them in your own persuasive writing.

The Course

You can't learn the skills of influence and persuasion overnight.

'Influential Intelligence' is a 12 week course. and each week you'll be introduced to new techniques to move people to your way of thinking.

MeetingThe course revolves around a book that Clive has especially written called "Why People Resist You And What To Do About It".

Each module consists of handouts and an audio recording of Clive and Christine presenting the tools and techniques for that week's study.

You get hand outs that give you a visual explanation of each concept ensuring you grasp new ideas quickly.

And there are homework assignments each week to take your skill level from good to great. Although these won’t be critiqued you can still gain tremendous value just from doing them.

Most weeks there is also an audio recording of a 'Q&A' session where Clive and Christine answer questions from previous participants of the course. The chances are high that these sessions will answer any questions you have about the material.

For any additional questions you have, you can email Clive and he will be happy to answer them.

The course includes our 'Completely Confident' audio self-hypnosis track to help you build the confidence you need to influence people effortlessly. There is also another recording designed to integrate many of the ideas into your subconscious mind.

Course Overview


Module 1 - The structure and language of beliefs - Part One
In this first module you'll take a detailed look at how you can change people’s minds.
Influence has a structure. And here you begin to build an Intelligence for persuading others to your way of thinking.
You’ll be using advanced NLP concepts known as reframe, deframe and preframe. You’ll learn how to use these powerful concepts to alter the viewpoint of another person.

Module 2 - The structure and language of beliefs - Part Two

Here we continue our study of how and why people believe what they believe.
Why the word, “Because” is vital to your ability to influence.
How all language is based on cause and effect. Once you know how a belief has been “caused” in another person, you’ll know what new “cause” to introduce to change that or any belief.
In this module we focus on how to use these methods in writing

Module 3 - Verbal pacing and leading
This elegant persuasion pattern is almost impossible to detect.
In the audio session Clive clearly demonstrated this pattern and shows how with just a little bit of planning you can use it anytime to get someone to go along with you.
It works because you're getting the other person to say YES inside their minds to everything you say. And at the end of the pattern you get the final YES - which means you’ve influenced them and achieved your goal.

Module 4 - Written pacing and leading

This module demonstrates now to use this powerful pattern in letters, emails, reports, presentations, and so on.
Whether you’re a skilled writer or not you’ll see how this pattern is extraordinary in the way in which it persuades people to go along with your suggestions.

Module 5 - Presuppositions - Part One

This pattern is the basis for all the others that follow.
The pacing and leading pattern you learned in previous modules can be used standalone.
But the real power of language patterns happens when you combine them. Presuppositions are the easiest to learn and appear to be natural in everyday language, so no one ever suspects you’re using them.  

Module 6 - Presuppositions - Part Two

As always when you’re writing, you have to be more subtle than when you’re talking.
In this module you’ll learn the subtle ways to influence indirectly. This sets you apart from almost all other writers. You can apply this skill on web pages, personal letters, sales letters, articles, blogs and more.

Module 7 - The Awareness Pattern - Part One

This module demonstrates how to use awareness to engage people's imagination in order to persuade and influence.
This is an exciting module because you get a whole awareness pattern thesaurus to choose from.
It will give you the vital edge when the stakes are high.

Module 8 - The Awareness Pattern - Part Two

You'll learn how to use awareness patterns in writing that will open your readers' minds and let you in.

Module 9 - Cause and Effect Patterns - Part One

If you want to use a very subtle pattern of persuasion then the implied cause and effect is the one to choose.
This pattern slips under the radar of normal consciousness and enables you to find elegant ways to use language in such a way that you influence people without them being aware that they're being persuaded.

Module 10 - Cause and Effect Patterns - Part Two

In this module you discover how to modify what you learned in Module 9 so as to apply it to the written word.
The principle is the same, the delivery is done so elegantly not even an expert in NLP will pick it up.
When you can move others without them realising it, you will have enormous power in persuading and influencing.

Module 11 - Single and Double Binds - Part One

These can be most powerful patterns of persuasion.
The single bind is a pattern almost everyone uses. It’s just that they don’t realise it. So when you use it the way you’ll learn here, it will sound so natural people find themselves going alone with you and not even realising that you’ve somehow influenced them.
The double bind is the smoothest of all the patterns and Clive’s favourite. He holds nothing back and gives you the patterns he uses every day.

Module 12 - Single and Double Binds - Part Two

This module show you how to use these patterns in writing so that you get acceptance from the start.
Module 12 concludes your exhaustive repertoire.  After studying all 12 modules you’ll have the tools and techniques that enable you to influence almost anyone, at any time, to do practically anything you want them to do.

Exclusive Bonus For MeditationsUK customers
Influence and PersuasionIn an exclusive deal for our customers, we used the skills we learned in the course to persuade Clive to provide a 1 hour personal, ‘one-to-one’  coaching session by skype or telephone to everyone who purchases ‘Influential Intelligence’ before 14th October.
You can use the coaching session anytime during the course to ask Clive questions about the course and to pursue specific techniques and concepts in more detail.

Special Launch Offer

This is the first time that 'Influential Intelligence' has been made available in the UK and we are offering it at a special 'launch' price until 14th October.

Influential Intelligence Course : Price : £199.00

Some of the files are quite large and can be easily downloaded if you have a broadband connection

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