Relax with the iRelax Personal Relaxation System.

iRelax® is a personal stress manager that uses biofeedback to aid you in relaxing and managing stress


iRelax Personal Stress Management System - £119

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“What a great product!
As a neurologist specializing in adolescent migraines, stress management is a big part of my treatments. What I love about iRelax is that it’s so small and portable.
The visuals of the lung graphic on the screen make it so easy to understand. It’s highly intuitive and easy to use!
I’d definitely recommend iRelax for anyone looking for a stress management tool.”
-----Dr. Alison Alford, Paediatric Neurologist - Richmond



In today’s fast-paced world, many of us accumulate so much stress that it can be difficult to unwind.

iRelax utilises your body’s natural ability to relax. It can help you quiet your mind before sleeping, rapidly relieve intense stress, and even stay calm during highly stressful situations.

iRelax's colour screen displays a graphic guide for your breathing rate so that you can reduce stress and increase your relaxation.

iRelax is small and light so that it can be carried in your pocket or handbag.

It's been produced by Devon Medical Products, a company that develops clinical equipment for hospitals and doctors - and it’s based on established scientific principles.


“This is amazing ! I just based my breathing on the picture of the lungs filling and emptying and in a few minutes I was calm and completely relaxed”
-----Andrew Hindon - London, UK

The Science Behind iRelax

iRelax measures one of your body's key health benchmarks called heart rate variability (HRV).

We tend to think of the gap between our heartbeats as being regular, but in fact the time interval varies slightly.

HRVHRV measures the change in the time between your heartbeats.

There is a lot of medical interest in HRV because it seems to be an excellent indicator of your physical and mental health.

iRelax enables you to see your HRV in an easy-to-read graphical format.

And, as you follow the breathing patterns, iRelax will teach you how to reach your optimal HRV level so that you can achieve the harmonious function of your mental, emotional and physical systems.

By following the easy breathing guide, you'll begin to see life-changing results from the very first step.


Easy To Use

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place, or with soothing music.

iRelax2. Put your index or middle finger into the rubber clip.

You'll see some icons on the screen, including an image of lungs..

3. When the lungs are filling, inhale slowly. 

When the lungs are emptying, exhale slowly.

4. Keep breathing slowly for five to ten minutes. 

It couldn't be easier !

Reading the Icons:

In the top left, a pulsing heart shows your Beats per Minute.  As you get more relaxed, this number will decrease.

In the top right, either a color circle or a number will appear.  For the first 60 seconds, this number will count down from 60 seconds. 

iRelax screenAfter that, it will toggle between showing the duration of the training and the Training Status Indicator in either green (very relaxed), blue (relaxed), or red (not relaxed).
The blue bar on the left side is the pulse strength bar and shows the strength of your pulse. 
Along the bottom of the screen, a heart rate variability curve is displayed.  This curve will appear regular  and uniform when you're relaxed.

Reading your Results:

A pie chart will appear that is either green, blue, red, or a combination of the three.

iRelax report

Green means that you are highly relaxed, blue means you are relaxed, and red means you are not relaxed.
A score with a range of 0-100 will be provided to estimate your effort index.  A higher score means a more effective training session.


iRelax comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Please see our Refunds and Returns page for full details

Product Features:

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to operate & carry
  • Dynamic evaluation of relaxation status during the training
  • Real-time display of heart rate variability curve
  • Automatic assessment after training
  • Up to 24 hours continuous battery life
  • Clear color OLED graphic display
  • Guides respiration with intuitive graph and selectable training levels
  • Auto power on and off
  • Real-time display of pulse rate, pulse strength, & respiration guidance


iRelax Personal Stress Management System - £119


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“Now I can feel great energy flowing through me.”

Sue Everson - London - UK

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